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Why the name "Casella"?

Twenty years have passed by since a group of young people decided to try the experience of the polyphonic canto. That time they didn’t think just about what kind of “suit” did they have to wear but it was clear to them that they needed a name for themselves too. Probably nowadays they would use their imagination in choosing a more original or maybe weird name, according to current likings. But it was not so.

Why did they need to recall a personality so far in time and who had nothing to deal with the polyphonic music? In fact, before the 14th century, when Casella lived, the polyphony was not even in swaddling clothes. Why not recalling a famous author of polyphonic cantos? They would have been spoilt for choice: Josquin dés Pres, Palestrina, Arcadelt, Animuccia, Orlando di Lasso, the Anerio brothers… all these personalities would have been happy to give their names to a group of young people who wanted to devote themselves to such a glorious form of music as the polyphony.

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John Flaxman - "Casella"