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Why the name "Casella"?

In the time of Casella, a brotherly friend of Dante, the monodic kind of canto was prevalent, accompanied by violas and lutes. And when Dante, during his journey through the Netherworld, asked his friend to sing one of his famous songs, Casella could make him listen just to his voice. But they were two friends who were meeting after the separation of death and recalling the happy hours spent singing together. It didn’t matter if Casella’s music was monodic while they wanted to experience the polyphonic music.

The group wanted also a motto to add to their “suit” and name, a phrase taken from Saint Augustine’s: “Cantare Amantis Est”. They didn’t need anything more.

Padre Umberto Nicoli, 2004.



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John Flaxman - "Casella"