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The Casella Choir was formed in Salerno in 1984 by a group of young people fond of singing and moved by a true desire to make music together.
Its artistic activity has been significant since its birth by participating in national and international competitions such as the 19th Polyphonic Choirs’ International Competition “Praga Cantat” (Prague, October 2005) where the Choir won the prestigious Gold Medal. From its beginnings the Choir has been working to popularize and spread the polyphonic music by promoting trainings and important happenings such as the collaboration with the “Nuova Scarlatti” Orchestra of Naples in 2006 for the “TuttinCoro” Concert that took place in the RAI (Italian Radio-Television) Auditorium in Naples (event broadcasted live by Radio 3 and pre-recorded broadcasted by RAI TRE).

Every two years the Casella Choir organizes the International Festival of Polyphonic Music "CANTARE AMANTIS EST" (first edition taken place in 1994).

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