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Caterina Squillace, piano diploma at the Conservatory of Music of Benevento under the guidance of Maestro Kirgis. She attended courses taken by Maestros Cividino, Spagnolo and Fiorentino.

She took part, having brilliant successes, in national and international competitions such those at Capua, Caserta, Osimo, Pompei and Stresa in duet with a flute.
She was mentioned for her interpretation skills in two edition of the “F. Listz” Competition in Lucca; she also played for the RAI – Italian Radio-Television.
She got a diploma in Choral Conduction under the teachings of Maestro Pagliuca at the Conservatory of Music of Naples; she attended improvers courses in choral conduction such those taken by Maestros Zecchi, Zagni, Patti, Gabbiani.
She also attended two master courses in Orchestra Direction taken by Maestro Woodbury and a master class taken by Maestros Hoegset and Fasolis.

She won a scholarship for young musicians to attend a class on the Kodaly method in the city of Esztergom, Hungary.
She was the first classified for “The Best Conductor” category at the “Città di Porto Empedocle” Fourth National Choral Competition.
She received a special mention from the jury for “The Best Conduction of the Obligatory Song” at the “Praga Cantat” 19th International Competition (Czech Republic).

She has been the conductor of the Casella Polyphonic Choir since 1990.

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